Dreamlike allusions made concrete; I desire to expose these secret worlds and celebrate them.


My current work consists of three dimensional relief paintings that rise from their surfaces into biomorphic shapes whose origins were inspired by micro and macro organisms as observed through a microscope or by the naked eye. I want to share my work with the viewer and then have them transform into an anthropologist; to find and explore the textures, mass and forms that are like uncovering fossils on another planet's surface.


The wonder that blossoms from that unveiling is the viewer's aesthetic reward.


The rawness of the surfaces refer to the primal; an elemental articulation of the transformations that occur throughout the cycles of life.

The maturation process of living organisms in nature are my motivation. My interest in the life cycle of sentient and non-sentient beings drive me to mimic the concept of progression in my art. The emotional, organic momentum of my work derives from the gelatinous, fungal entities at the lowest end of nature's life chain that ooze and mutate within their space, a visual kinetic to enliven the senses.


Challenge, even disorientation are infusions that I want my work to invoke. The rhythmic currents of organic dark matter that ebb and flow are derived from nature’s inertia. I want the viewer to connect with this energy; revel in it.


I believe my work speaks to the mystery and enlightenment of the unknown in our sensual world.  I find joy through my manipulation of shapes and materials and to that end I want to share that joy with others. I’m currently a graphic designer with over 20 years of experience in the marketing and advertising industries. In that time I’ve been slowly creating my own work with incremental success, exhibiting in venues locally, nationally and internationally. My artistic investment going forward is to put together enough support to solely focus on developing my practice as an independent creator with passion and continue in building my own creative voice with the result of providing art that will stimulate perception and introspection.


Macro and microcosmic entities fluctuate between personas, environments and experiences that exist at many levels, morphing and developing; living and dying; not unlike supernovas flashing until burnout.


My conceptual commitment is to communicate a message that stimulates greater curiosity and respect for the physical world around us and to continuously work to preserve it. I see my art as a record of these secret places and times whether they be real or imagined, realities that we take for granted.